Do Scorpio men want to marry often?

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Question by Sweetie85: Do Scorpio men want to marry often?
I’ve been dating a Scorpio man since November 2011 and he wants to get married really soon. I’m a Pisces. I love him a lot and don’t want to rush it and ruin things. Is this a common trait among Scorpios? i’ve never dated a Scorpio before him.

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Answer by jl
we run and hide from anyone who actually reads a horiscope seriously.

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Question by wholaguns: Scorpio sun taurus moon aquarius rising?
Can anyone tell me the personality traits for this? I also have mars in cancer and sagittarius in venus if this helps D :l & Happy new years : )

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Answer by Ania
whoa, you are quite fixed with your viewpoints. You are progressive, but this doesnt mean you will readily accept everything. Taurus moon makes you slightly more conservative. You are attracted to outgoing homely women (combo of venus in sag, mars in cancer and taurus moon). In relationship you will be both restless and yet committed. This comes from your aquarius rising n sag venus. You definitely have trouble staying angry or negative. Taurus moon always makes you think positive.

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