do Capricorn men ignore someone when they like them?

Question by lov3!: do Capricorn men ignore someone when they like them?
A Capricorn man and I (virgo) have been dating for 3 months and had a pretty intimate day (not sex..other stuff) and now he is ignoring me. But afterwards we cuddled and kissed and talked, and he told me that i am amazing etc..

but he has been distant and absent for a while. What does it mean? Does he not like me anymore, or is it normal?

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Answer by Charlie
well im a capricorn women and speaking for myself only i dont know if all capricorns are like this but when i like someone i pretty much ignore or try not to look too intrested ill glance at them and look when i think there not looking , i dont mean to do it i think its more out of fear that the will fiend out i like them i dont initiate conversation and im quite quiet around the pearson i like but if they talk to me ill smile anf laugh quite abit so for me yes ! i have cap sun and cap riseing hope this is of some use !! :)

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Question by sydneychick101: What is the compatibility of a cancer male and a capricorn female, and what would the relationship be like?

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Answer by Tearsfrom
i dont know try dating a cancer male and a capricon female at the same time !

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