Compatibility between a woman leo and a virgo man?

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Question by Spineshivers: Compatibility between a woman leo and a virgo man?
Are they compatible and how can one find out if a leo girl likes a guy

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The zodiac sign of Leo has very different personality traits from that of a Virgo. The Lion is a people’s person, who seeks attention and appreciation from all those around him. He is proud of his charming personality and seems to have forgotten to take lessons in humbleness. On the other hand, a Virgo is a much quieter person, who believes in humility and modesty. He is quite shy and hardly goes after the limelight. At the same time, he doesn’t need other people to tell him that he is good. But, Virgo has one major negative quality.

He is too much of a perfectionist and he is extremely critical of the people around him. This makes him too fussy and at times, irritates his partner beyond limits. Leo is too sensitive to criticism and this attitude of Virgo can cause great problems as far as the compatibility of their relationship is concerned. On the other hand, the Lion may take him for granted, further deepening the rift. Even the outgoing and extrovert personality of a Leo clashes with the passive nature of the Virgo. Both of them will have to bend a little to make this love match work.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man
Though the initial start of a relationship between a Leo Virgo man and a Leo man may be good, its long-term prospects do not seem too encouraging. She will shower him with love and attention, but he will seldom do the same. Infact, he finds it’s extremely difficult to express his love and this may make her sulk. She will feel unloved and uncared for. She will not act like a submissive wife and this will not go down with him. He likes consistency and she liked adventure and excitements. Money-wise also, both of them are at the opposite ends of the road.

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