Can some one PLEASE tell me about a pisces woman?!?!?


Question by Maria: Can some one PLEASE tell me about a pisces woman?!?!?
I really need a breif description and websites also

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Answer by aston184
The Pisces temperament is gentle, romantic, caring, compassionate, and spiritual. Pisces rules the subconscious mind, and so it follows that her dreams are vivid and meaningful, even prophetic. You’ve got quite a glamorous sparkler on your hands–Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone and Cindy Crawford are all dazzling Pisces, and each in their own way reflects the reserved and unpretentious Pisces nature. Your Pisces enchantress almost always has large and beautiful eyes which mirror her feelings openly and she could be prone to cry easily. Soft and ultra-feminine, she will put your needs ahead of hers.

All of the above from Try googling Pisces women; I got 1,170,000 hits just from searching those two words. How lazy are people on here?

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Question by Wolf: Cancers are the worst sign in astrology?
I am a cancer. I hate everyone, and everything, and i love being by myself. I constantly lie to others because i think its funny and they deserve it. I hate whore-ish women. In fact, i hate all women. I’m not gay i just think all girls are sluts. i love eating lots of food and i dont care what anyone says. I just wanna live alone by myself playing games for the rest of my life.

Signs I really hate:

Other cancers
Scorpio: they live in some fantasy world, and they’re stupid and mostly ugly
Taurus: think they’re top stuff. Big ego and act like a$ $ holes
Capricorns: think they are funny about eveyrthing, and they are SO UGLY
Sagittarius: Sluty women definitely have this sign. they think they are smarter then everyone else.
Aries: Pricks, just jerks.
Virgos: SO ANGRY ABOUT EVERYTHING and have huge teeth
Pisces: Slutty women sign as well, not funny and very immature
Leo: idiots
Libra: this sign is so fucking annoying. immature, stupid, DO THE SAME THING EVERYDAY
Aquarius: hate this sign, stoners and pot heads
did i mention cancers? I hate other cancers they are stupid, lazy, fat as hell, dress like sluts, dont deserve love ever, think they are ALWAYS RIGHT, and this is the worst sign in the entire zodiac.

I know im a cancer but im better then all other cancers because i dont have those traits. I just leave people alone and no one talks to me and i dont have friends because i dont need any. I love video games and food and masturbating. I hate whore-ish girls who dress like sluts in school and act like their virgins and they’re “clean” cus they are not, and i’ll never date a slut ever. all girls are sluts anyway.
also cancers love money and will kill their family for more money. but not me i just like food, games and masturbating.

So what are some other good reasons why cancers are the worst sign ever?

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Answer by christine stott
Do you actually like anyone ?

So sad LOL

I am an Aquarian

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