Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Pisces Rising?

Question by Uby: Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Pisces Rising?
O_o I’m confused, aries is meant to be all confident and bold, and pisces is more reserved, and I have really bad anxiety..
I have this really good friend and we get each other, and she’s a pisces, and I was confused until I found out it was my rising and moon sign..
but what kind of person should this make me?
My best friend in the whole world is a Leo/Cancer cusp…does that seem about right?
Because aries don’t really get along with cancer..but pisces do..I think..
I’ll list how I get along and feel about each sign briefly..

-Aries, awesome, but my mum being one, we butt heads! But at times she’s good for a spontaneous trip or some hugs ^_^ (The good friend)

-Sagittarius, I’m always instantly attracted to them, it’s like a big BOOM wow, you’re hot, and you’re not even that good looking..I don’t know, there’s just something about them, I love Saggis, they’re almost perfect for me. They lose their temper too easily, but then are like me with just getting over it one minute later. (The true love)

-Pisces, I have a lot of pisces friends, at times they are like, all lovable and cute and little teddy bears, then they act like they’re too awesome for everyone and have massive mood swings, I don’t know why they aren’t a fire sign, because every pisces I know is very, very sexual and moody. (The friend with benefits)

-Scorpio, oh god, I cannot stand scorpio men..the women are ok, but the obsessed assholes, well, the ones I know, I feel awkward around them and they have no awareness of personal space, hmmph. (The one that doesn’t know when to give up)

-Virgo, There’s just no excitement, they are kind of too boring and cautious for me, but then again, I love talking to them one on one, because they like listening, but some have liked me, and I just don’t feel the same way, even if I try. (The one to talk to)

-Libra, I like these people :) They are it’s purest form. Sweet, funny, don’t lose their temper easily, understanding, helpful, loyal, really cute and just cool people to be around, but maybe not enough excitement, because they’re quite laid back. (The one I want to be around more)

-Cancer, hmm, I’ve been best friends with a cancer guy and a cancer girl, and I just can’t seem to STAY best friends with them, they are funny, creative and smart, but..they don’t give me enough attention, I always felt like they had someone better to be around..I don’t know…(The come and go friend)

-Leo, Love my leos, I’d never date one, but I’d spend the rest of my life with one as best friends, every leo I’ve met I’ve felt safe around, they make me feel protected, I get them and they get me, all is good, no fights either, ever. (Best friend!)

-Aquarius, sigh, these people confuse the crap out of me sometimes, I love them, but can never seem to have a serious conversation with one without them trying to change the subject or starting a fight, more just a best friend kinda person, really funny and quite odd, but in a charming way (The loyal friend)

Capricorn, I was best friend with a capricorn for about 3 years. At the start it was all fun and games, but we drifted, she was funny and good to be around but such a miss perfect, and they point out EVERYTHING, like if you’ve got a pimple it’s ‘eww you have a pimple’ or ‘You’re a bitch today, I don’t like it’ or ‘You’re just dumb’ and make them feel better about themselves, very rude and blunt sometimes. (Ok, go away now)

-Gemini, yeah I like them, went out with one, but they are shit stirrers, they love gossip, and use things against you, I hate that, they are quite unlike libra and aquarius, very very very clingy and possessive too, and if you hurt them, your in for it. But still, they are generally nice people, deep down. (The confusing one)

-Taurus, well, these are charming, nice people, very approachable, very lovable, very touchy, and me being a taurus love sign, I love touching too, and I was really obsessed with this taurus guy, we went on a date, had a kiss, then got over it, not that it was all bad, there was just not enough conversation..or intellectual compatibility (High school crush)

so…anyway..what can you tell me about this mixture..and from my observations..would you say it fits?

Best answer:

Answer by Scheat
Well,the nature of your Sun and Moon/Ascendant surely are at conflict,but trust me,this combination is usually a very interesting one,where energy and stamina meets sensitivity and creativity.You should be quite moody and very sensitive but in tune with other people’s needs,though sometimes you may have egoistical bounts.You know how to forgive and forget and,unless there are other factors in your chart against this,you can hardly(if ever!)hold grudges on people.You are likely to be very enthusiathic and full of life(though a bit shy at first!),but that energy is tempered by moments of more calm and even low moods.Overal this combo makes up for a very interesting,artistic,sensitive character.

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Question by Kimmy-berly: Is a Virgo women and a Scorpio man a good match for each other??
MY boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months and everything is going great. But I was just wondering if we are a good astrological match.

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Answer by fireball226
No Virgos need Capricorn

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