Are Virgo Rising Women Good Looking?

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Question by Meow: Are Virgo Rising Women Good Looking?
What is special or unique about them?
How can yo spot a Virgo rising woman?? (what are their main traits in personality AND looks?))
Are they talented?

and lastly which rising sign would you say is the best looking out of all the rising signs??

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Answer by αввιтнєєηα ƸӜƷ
Zodiac signs determine your personality, not your appearance.

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Question by Dazzlingone73: what are the personality traits of sun in scorpio ,moon in libra and capricorn rising ?
would like to know what my personality is from these sign (see if your right).also i have found out my;mercury is in scorpio and my venus is sagittarius and mars is in taurus if this helps.
what has life in store for me as well whom im compatible with?
my date of birth is 24/10/1973
thanks for the replies in advance

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Answer by babye_714
sun in scorpio like my own sign as well is secretive, private, sexy, mysterious, intuitive, penetrating eyes, strong, couragous, and your capricorn rising is your appearance to the world and to your co workers and how when people first meet you, its your mask, capricorn in rising people is someone who is really serious, reserved, strong demeanor, always looks in control and serious, has a succesful appearance, someone who appears as a leader, does not like to show weakness or vulnerability or to much emotions, someone who can appear emotionally unattached…… your moon in libra is your emotions how you react to emotional things people or loved ones, someone who is charming ,calm, romantic, easygoing,

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